Learn the business skills of case acceptance.

The Conversion Process Audit is INCLUDED with a Prepaid Annual Conversion Club Membership- it may also be purchased individually.

Why Do You Lose Good Cases?

Find out with the Conversion Process Audit.

The Conversion Process Audit examines every facet of your NP consultation process. We assess every aspect of your effort to convert new patients and tell you where your strengths are, where improvement opportunities exist, and how to make corrections.

This is an abbreviated version of methods we have perfected from decades of training practices around the globe. It is a budget-friendly, high-value exercise that gives you the power to improve starts.

How it Works

What you do:

  • Obtain recording capability and set up a Dropbox account*
  • Record, with patient permission, four (4) treatment-ready consultations
  • Upload your practice recordings to your Dropbox account*
          *detailed instructions are provided

What we do:

  • Review all four (4) of your recorded consultations from beginning to end
  • Benchmark your process against our training model and instructional books
  • Prepare a highly-detailed, comprehensive report on current performance
  • We complete the process with a written summary of our findings, including specific recommendations for conversion improvement

Benefits to your practice:

  • A complete review of your fees and payment options with recommendations
  • A complete review of your take-home materials with recommendations
  • A detailed assessment of NP consultation strengths and opportunities

WOW your visitors – OPTIMIZE your new patient consultations – DIFFERENTIATE yourself from your competition – WIN cases at higher fees – MAXIMIZE your conversion rate

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