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Landy Chase, MBA, CSP

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Landy Chase, MBA, CSP is the foremost authority on the subject of orthodontic case acceptance and his six books on the subject have collectively sold over seven thousand copies. He has worked extensively with practices all over the world as a trainer, consultant, and coach and now provides online learning resources to the profession.

Chase is a graduate of The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, and holds an MBA from Xavier University in Cincinnati. He has given over 2,000 paid presentations as a presenter and earned the CSP designation from the National Speakers Association, the highest earned award in the industry, and a distinction representing the top 8% of professional speakers worldwide.

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How to Start More Adult Patients

What adults want to know - and how to present it.

Most practices do virtually nothing to attract adult patients to their practices. In spite of this fact, in the average orthodontic practice one out of every four patients is an adult patient. In terms of practice growth, the adult market represents the greatest opportunity for you. For most practices, it is also an area with a poor conversion rate. And there is a reason for that.

The only thing your adult patients have with your parent/child visitors is that they both use appliances; otherwise, it is a completely different side of your business. Pulling on material from his sixth and newest book for the orthodontic profession, Doctors Orders, your presenter will reveal the key steps to maximizing your ability to speak the language of the adult patient and start more cases at your practice. In this cutting-edge presentation full of fresh ideas, he will show you:

  • Why Practices Have a Poor Conversion Rate with Adult Patients
  • The Differences Between Adult and Parent/Child Buying Motives
  • Key Mistakes to Avoid During the Adult Treatment Consultation
  • How to Structure the Adult Consultation
  • How to Generate Higher Adult Case Fees

The Doctor's Role in Case Acceptance

Key Components of a High-Value Consultation

A common assumption within the orthodontic profession is that the Treatment Coordinator is primarily responsible for the practice case acceptance rate. Nonsense! This misguided mind-set has been a central tenet of most of the advice given practices and is fundamentally flawed. Your speaker has personally observed thousands of taped consultations with client practices, and in this new, ground-breaking presentation, he will show you what you are missing.

In this program based on his latest published book, Doctor’s Orders, this value-packed session will show your attendees:

  • Why most doctors need to upgrade their presentation skills
  • How to improve the value of your meetings with potential patients
  • The Five Key Steps of outstanding doctor consultations
  • How to add value to your consults without adding time
  • How to present recommendations with impact
  • How to demonstrate a superior level of value vs. competitors
  • How to make a convincing case for moving forward
  • How to avoid getting ‘bogged down’ in consultations
  • How to win cases as the high-fee option

Optimizing the Virtual NP Consultation

How to Consistently Start New Patients Remotely

Due to the recent pandemic, virtual communication has become, by necessity, a standard method of communication. This way of communicating has become popular with your patients and is here to stay. It also brings you some advantages over traditional consult protocols that you may not be aware of.

Progressive practices also recognize the implications of this medium for new patient consultations. What are the keys to structuring and delivering an outstanding virtual consult that maximizes new patient starts?

Pulling from his groundbreaking sixth book for orthodontists, Doctors Orders, your instructor will show participating Doctors and their TCs how to structure and deliver a virtual new-patient consultation that is on par with the in-office experience. This is a new program full of excellent take home ideas that you can immediately implement in your own practice. Topics include:

  • The Doctor and TC Roles in Virtual Consultations: Five Steps to Success
  • The Optimal Structure of the Virtual Consultation
  • Key Items to Present in the Virtual Consultation – and How to Do So
  • How to Present Treatment Plans Remotely
  • How to Present Fees and Payment Options Remotely
  • How to Design and Package Post-Consult E-Documents
  • How to ask for – and get – the virtual new-patient start

Benefits to Your Practice

WOW your visitors
OPTIMIZE your new patient consultations
DIFFERENTIATE yourself from your competition
WIN cases at higher fees
MAXIMIZE your conversion rate

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